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Middlings on my other website...

So since mid-April, I've been working on a family website (encouraging family outdoor recreation). It's been a lot of work, but it's also been fun! I get to use a ton of my pictures, and since I love photography and such, that's been a huge bonus. Plus, I like designing webpages :)

I already shared this with a few of you, but the gist of it is that my dad discovered a web company who helps people build websites and make them into income-earning businesses...well, supposedly. At this point, two and a half months out, I haven't 'monetized' my site yet -- I'm still building traffic. What amazes me about the whole process is how complicated it is -- I've learned a ton about Search Engines and Optimizing and keywords and Link Directories and Link Exchanges and...well, a ton. I've actually enjoyed all that, truth be told. And it's fun to watch the traffice increase. I started at an average of one visitor per day in April; by May I was up to 2 (wow, doubled, ha); June increased it to 5 -- I like how it's going so far :)

The goal is to have 100+ pages eventually. I'm at 35, so I have a ways to go -- but I have ideas. My over-arching theme is family recreation (indoors and outdoors), with an emphasis on Colorado activities. But of course, one of my themes has to tie in to reading -- so I made that one of my key indoor family activities, and I have 10+ book review pages with books for all ages of kids. I got some great suggestions from some of you when I posted this to a smaller group before, and now they're much stronger. It's time-consuming, so I haven't 'finished' any of them (I might never finish the review pages, as new and wonderful books will continue to be published) -- but my goal, by the end of 2009, is to have all my LJ and BB friends' books on the site somewhere.

Here's the link, in case you're interested :D

Family Fun Together

If you have the time, click through some of the pages and let me know what you think (as a parent or adult interested in outdoor -- and indoor -- recreation). I'm always interested in ways to make it stronger. I've learned some basic html through all this too -- and I like that. Eventually, probably in the fall when both kiddos are in school so I have chunks of time at my disposal, I'm going to switch over to the CSS/3-column style. But right now, I'm sticking with the basics.

My next set of pages will finish out the mountain biking section and add a family photography section (yay) -- by early fall, I also want to add a family skiing section, though I'll need some serious help from DH on that one.

What fun projects do you like to take on in your 'spare' time? Thanks for looking, and have a great Wednesday and first day of July!

(Btw, I just read that CO is the leanest state in the country...which fits, as our state joke is the one I mentioned before: You know you're in CO when you see the $5000 mountain bike atop the $1000 junker Subaru.)
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