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I know a couple of you keep bees, and I have a couple of questions. No, we're not planning to do the bee thing, but we seem to have attracted a swarm. They're not aggressive (thank God!), but we're worried about them getting into the walls of our house.

So my questions are -- 1)How often do they actually do that kind of thing? 2)How will we know if they've started to do this? 3)Do they usually have more than one nest?

I'd estimate we originally had around 2K bees (total visual estimate on my part). Last night, we had a thunderstorm with a lot of wind and pounding rain, and this morning, only the top of their outer nest remains. But there are still bees (though many fewer -- in the hundreds rather than thousands), and it appears as if they're going beneath the trim a couple feet away from the nest. Could they have another nest inside the trim? Or are they starting to build one?

I have e-mailed a bee-keeper, but I'm just wondering how quickly we need to act on this, as we're hoping to leave town for the holiday tomorrow afternoon...any information is greatly appreciated!
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