February 3rd, 2020


Book Reports (10-12) ...

Because I've had trouble keeping up with my reading, I'm going to change my book report style a bit. Now I'm aiming to write reviews on Goodreads and simply post the link here. But I'm also going to change my star system:

* = Just not for me
** = Interesting premise but not engaging enough to complete
*** = Okay; didn't love but liked enough to finish (or at least skim)
**** = Good; liked the writing style and/or the plot enough to stick with it
***** = Loved; will definitely keep and/or re-read

The Foxhole Court, by Nora Sakavic -- NA sports'/mob (I'd call this a parallel universe) -- the story of Neil Josten, on the run from his mobster father, and fighting to play the only sport he cares about (Exy) without drawing too much attention ... *be aware that these are filled with graphic violence, including depictions of torture and rape*


The Raven King, by Nora Sakavic -- this piece of the trilogy focuses on Neil's growing relationships with the other Foxes and how things go with his enemies (specifically Riko Moriyama)


The King's Men, by Nora Sakavic -- the final part resolves the issues with Neil's dad and the Moriyamas