March 20th, 2021


Book Reports (43-50) ...

Because I've had trouble keeping up with my reading, I'm going to change my book report style a bit. Now I'm aiming to write reviews on Goodreads and simply post the link here. But I'm also going to change my star system:

* = Just not for me
** = Interesting premise but not engaging enough to complete
*** = Okay; didn't love but liked enough to finish (or at least skim)
**** = Good; liked the writing style and/or the plot enough to stick with it
***** = Loved; will definitely keep and/or re-read

Fools, by Lucy Lennox and May Archer -- m/m humorous romance -- Dunn and Tucker are best best friends, but Tucker has been in love with Dunn for ages, and Dunn still thinks he's straight; now, Dunn is trying help Tucker find love, but strangely enough, no one seems good enough.

Right as Raine, by Lucy Lennox -- m/m football romance -- Tiller Raine plays for a Texas NFL team as an out and proud player; he meets the coach's son, Mikey, when he hires Mikey to be his personal chef, and when they fall for each other, they have to figure out where to go from there (as Coach is definitely not on board).

Bet on Love, by A.F. Zoelle -- m/m romance -- when Rhys and his best friend (and best man) Lucien wake up married the morning after Rhys's bachelor party, they have to figure out how to continue their friendship and explain things to the jilted bride.

Puck Me Secretly, by Odette Stone -- hockey romance -- Rory is her dad's assistant GM of an NHL hockey team, and the day she starts, she meets (again) the man who helped her handle the plane crash two days before; Max's career is on the line because of a past incident, and Rory has to prove herself as a young woman in the professional hockey scene -- how will they manage a relationship through all that?

Delivering Dante, by Lucy Lennox -- m/m humorous(?) romance -- Dante has a hard time finding anyone who can measure up to his memory of 'Angel,' the man who saved him from his abusive father; AJ realizes Dante doesn't recognize him, but he can't help fall for the slightly younger man anyway, and he keeps his secret ... until circumstances force them to face Dante's past together.

Made Mine, by Sloane Kennedy & Lucy Lennox -- m/m mystery-romance -- Ben is on the run, trying to get his younger sister back from kidnappers; Reese has been asked to watch over the younger man, and then the Marians get involved (as Griff is Ben's biological brother).

Ride the Lightning, by Aimee Nicole Walker -- m/m romantic suspense -- Jonah is asked by his neighbor to use his cyber-FBI skills to solve a cold case; as he does so, his boss suspends him because of personal differences, and Jonah starts a relationship with his PA (Avery).

Enemy of My Enemy, by Tal Bauer -- m/m political thriller -- Jack and Ethan are still fighting General Madigan, who is working to take down the US (along with other world leaders); along the way, Jack's friendship with the Russian president strengthens, but a surprise return of a person from Jack's past threatens everything he and Ethan have built together.