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Home again

We made it! Ten days away, six days of driving, six states, tons of family, and a bit of whining later -- and we're home again. The leaves were unbelieveable in Vail...unfortunately, we missed the peak in Utah ( we were about two weeks early). My husband rode near Cedar Breaks -- not the ride he wanted most, because there was fog and hail! But he got muddy, and I think that satisfied him for a while. We had a nice picnic during his ride...well, pretty nice, other than the usual toddler complaints.

We arrived nice and early, for us, on Thursday at my grandma's, and my son immediately ensconsed himself in their lives. He fed the animals, washed the bird bath, and picked fruit from the trees...twice a day:) My husband and I got to have a night alone down by La Jolla -- just what we needed! It was beautiful; the waves were thundering, which I love. We also spent time with my cousins, who are such wonderful friends despite the distances between us (traveling-wise). My oldest cousin is pregnant with her second child...yea! And her first is adorable.

I loved seeing my aunts, as well...once upon a time I tried to write about my aunts...alas, I couldn't get their essences down on paper to my satisfaction. But they are amazing women, all of them (including my husband's).

In Phoenix, despite the heat (ack!) we enjoyed my sister-in-law and her family...she is wonderfully mothering, and I'm always lazy while there...

Two more days of travel, and we're home again. The kids did really well until these last two days...tons of whining, fussing, arguing (and a little diarrhea) made for a loooong ride. They were so happy to be home, they immediately began running around our main floor (which has a nice circular route) giggling madly...

I think it was Madeleine L'Engle who said in 'The Moon by Night' that traveling is fun, but coming home is the best. (Yes, that's a paraphrase.) That's certainly how I happy to be home.
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