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Today is packing day. I don't leave until Friday morning, but my aunt is in town, so we're spending tomorrow with her. I have my clothes set out, but I need to pick up a couple of things (like, um, shampoo -- it's sad that I so seldom travel and don't really have those cute little travel bottles of stuff). Our books are due at the library, so that's another errand. And then there's the house stuff...I hate leaving with the house a mess.

The kiddos are spending the day Friday with DH's aunt; they're spending Friday night with my FIL. They're very excited, and it's a good distraction (especially for E) to keep them from thinking about me being gone. By the time DH picks them up on Saturday, he'll be able to remind them I'll be home 'tomorrow'.

I got the good news (possible) that another aunt, my favorite aunt, might be coming to Chicago this weekend, as well. If so, she's going to hang out with me -- this is the aunt I traveled to England with 14 years ago -- then I went and visited her in MI a year or two after that. But since marriage and kiddos, we don't have nearly enough time to spend together! Her daughter, my cousin (who also went to England with us), is pregnant with her first child (ack -- isn't it funny how you always see people like this as the kids you once knew??). R is 30, so only 3 years younger than I was when I had D...hard to believe :)

I'm aiming to have breakfast one morning with my SIL and her family (they build and sell educational library tools -- if you're going to be at ALA, definitely stop by their booth and see their cool things -- Burgeon Group is the name of their company).

And a couple people have mentioned they're interested in joining us for dinner Friday night -- please, if you're going to be in town and would like to get together, let juliakarr or me know! :D

Okay, now I'm too excited to actually get anything done....
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