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Random musing on traveling alone...

I haven't traveled alone for almost a decade. I almost felt nervous when I first realized that -- but then, I felt the old rush of adrenaline at being on my own.

My mom traveled alone for the first time about ten years ago -- she was over 50. She'd never gone anywhere by herself before then. I remember thinking about it and wondering if she was frightened or excited or overwhelmed....

When I was 19, I traveled alone for the first time. I flew to LAX, took a shuttle to the docks, then took a ferry to Catalina Island. I loved it!

The next big trip I recall was my flight to England. I flew into Gatwick and took a shuttle to Heathrow (where my aunt would be). We hadn't planned well at all, and I had no idea what her flight number was or anything. We kept missing each other, and finally I had her paged -- but the woman's accent combined with the usual loudspeaker mush-mouth made it so my aunt couldn't understand it. By the grace of God, we managed to bump into each other in the crowded lobby area.

A couple years after that, I flew to MI to visit her -- I think I was 27-ish, and by then, flying alone felt comfortable. The only part I didn't like was the trip home, when I had to take a tiny plane from MI to OH -- I believe it held 8 people (ack)!

I've flown to CA by myself a number of my mom was in her 50s when she first flew alone. I was 19. I wonder how old my kiddos will be? How old were you?
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