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Weekend Roundup (ALA by the numbers)...

Total # of books: 102

Total # of friends met in person: 10*

Total # of pix taken of Chicago gardens: 21

Total # of LJ friends' books scored: 14**
Total # of lbs I had to lift up narrow El stairs on the way home: 75+
Total # of Gatorade consumed (because of hot and humid and walking): ~70 oz.
Total # of blocks walked (including those going in wrong direction): ~60
Total # of books already read (hehe): 3***

Total amount of fun had: immeasurable :)

Thanks for all the good wishes -- I hope everyone has an opportunity to do something like this along their journeys -- it's definitely a great experience!

* (lisa_schroeder, juliakarr, cindy_pon, marybethkelsey, kmessner, tamarak, elizabethcbunce, m_stiefvater, cynthea, kspringer)

** (megancrewe, bec_fitzpatrick, m_stiefvater, kspringer, tamarak, deva_fagan, kaz_mahoney, shanawrites, kmessner, cindy_pon, bracken, watchmebe, and ETA jessicaverday) plus I am having these sent to me: (jenny_moss, fabulousfrock, karenkincy, pixiechick_sw)!

*** Smash Cut, by Sandra Brown, Troy High, by Shana Norris, and Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins (and yes, reviews will follow shortly) -- and yes, CF is amazing!
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