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One great editor...

So I mentioned back in June, I believe, that an editor requested one of my mss. She got back to me pretty quickly, which was impressive. Even more impressive (other than the fact that it was a no), were her comments. She wrote a full-page letter explaining her feelings about the book -- including some excellent supportive and encouraging comments. Then, with a section that was shorter (I'm sure she did this deliberately), she pointed out the book's weaknesses.

I hope everyone has the chance to get such a wonderful letter sometime (yes or no, he-he)...her name is Shelley Diaz, and she's with Dial. I sent her a thank you card, but I wanted to post this, because I get the feeling that editors don't receive enough praise for this type of thing. After all, who knows if she'll ever end up working with me -- I don't know. And yet she took the time to write such a thoughtful letter.

Enjoy a beautiful, autumn day, my friends!
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