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Tolle Tuesday...

and a pertinent thought (for me), it is:

When you react against the form that Life takes at this moment, when you treat the Now as a means, an obstacle, or an enemy, you strengthen your own form identity, the ego...The more reactive you are, the more entangled you become with form...Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe.

Coming back from something special (like ALA), it's easy to either be let down or overwhelmed (or any number of other feelings). Part of that is the anticipation and the question of whether or not it lived up to expectations or exceeded them, I think. For me, I like the idea of being able to move from moment to moment through Life with the same contentment about each new circumstance, the patience to see what good each can bring, the desire to find beauty regardless of the familiar or not, I will try to simply enjoy the moments which come my way, even though they are made up more of the familiar (and sometimes mundane), and to greet the day as I did when at ALA -- with anticipation and excitement.

How do you deal with the familiar? What beauty will you find today?
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