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Bees (extraction)...

Well, bee day has arrived! It's fascinating -- though we were a bit dismayed to hear the hive is around 2 years old (ack). But the good news is that they couldn't get into the walls, so the entire hive is in the soffit (if that's how you spell it) of one eave. Whew!

Yeah, it's not exactly easy seeing as how they're under the second story eave.

It was nice of the bees to put their hive right by E's window so I could take pictures -- fortunately, the weather today isn't as hot as it has been, but still...I wouldn't want to be high up, wearing a heavy suit, and having bees buzz around me!

This doesn't look so bad, does it? But it took them over an hour to get enough bees out to even find this part of the hive. Before that, they took out a cooler full of older honeycomb.

They work together well, and I can tell they've done this often (thankfully).

It's awfully pretty...

Plus, they gave us one of the honeycombs -- man, that honey is sweet! :) Not sure how to separate it from the wax...and of my expert bee-keeper friends have some tips?

So all in all, D went out (when we told him not to) and got two stings, but other than that, all's well :) Fortunately, he's not seriously allergic, and after a moment of panic (when they were buzzing around him), he's fine. Best of all, after today, we should be bee free! (And they'll have their own home somewhere far from us, hehe).
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