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Weekend Roundup...

  • Finally got the house into decent shape. I know it won't last, but at least it's there for the moment -- whew!

  • Added 5K to my rewrite in the past few days -- it feels good to be writing again.

  • We ended up with 32 oz of honey from the bee extraction -- not bad :) The honey has an interesting flavor -- definitely flowery, though I don't know what kind. We don't have flowers in our yard, so they're clearly going elsewhere...

  • When the guy sealed up the hole between the house and the hive (very small hole, but they were still finding their way in once in a while), he trapped some of the bees, even though they tried vacuuming them out -- since they left on Saturday, we've had 20 bees in our living room. (sigh)

  • Both DH and D crashed on their bikes yesterday -- so I had a number of bloody elbows and legs to tend to.

  • One of my closest friends, the only one who's still single, is in love. It's nice to see her so excited and happy -- he better not break her heart!!

    Happy Monday, all :)
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