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So I'm reading a couple of ARCs right now, and they're surprisingly similar as far as the very basic plots go -- both have female MCs (whose names are actually the same), both are traveling with at least one family member to a place they've never been, and both are from the same city and state (which isn't a common one, so that was interesting too).

The books open with both girls being rather unhappy about their lives -- both wanted to stay at home for the summer, rather than being dragged to another place...and here's where it gets interesting to me, as a reader and as a writer. One of them, we'll call her A, is completely unsympathetic to me. She's whiny, she's self-centered, she's rude -- I can't stand her. I'm kind of skimming the book right now, because I want to try to give it a chance, but I'm so annoyed by A that I can hardly stand it.

The other one, B, is also unhappy. She's also had some inner dialogue which is witchy and sarcastic, and she also blames her parents for her situation -- but something about her overcomes all that. And I have to wonder, what is it? Why are these two characters, who are pretty similar in circumstances and basic characteristics, producing such different reactions in me?

I just finished B's story, and I really like her. I like her humor (A is also funny, with the same sarcastic humor, but she still is soooo selfish I want to slap her), I like her willingness to change and grow. I just like her. A...not so much (not at all) -- she's also growing (kind of), but her continued self-centered behavior really turned me off. The thing is, both girls start out that way, but for some reason, I wasn't turned off to B, even from the very beginning.

What do you think? Why is the one coming across so differently than the other? Have you ever noticed situations like this before?

P.S. I've read another book by the author of A, and honestly, I didn't like that MC much, either -- and for many of the same reasons. Truth be told, it's a little irritating to read books like this -- which are published -- when the MC is so annoying.
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