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Tuesday randomness...

D lost a tooth yesterday and the tooth fairy didn't come last night! Yep, I'm made of tooth-fairy-fail. *sigh* Hopefully the tooth fairy will remember tonight (and not be as busy).

I went on a reading rampage yesterday and read four books (no wonder the TF forgot)...granted, I skimmed the last one, but it was quite a night.

I was able to do this because D finished HP and the Chamber of Secrets, and with each book he finishes, his 'reward' is to watch the DVD (of course, I have them all). So he and E watched that and I read, read, read.

D & E got to pick out their rewards yesterday for finishing the Summer Reading Program at the local library (it's a county-wide thing, so there are actually 10 or so libraries involved). Anyway, D couldn't decide between Superfudge and Diary of a Wimpy Kid -- until I pointed out Platform 13 by Ibbotson...and that won ;) I've never read it, but I've read a couple of her others, so I knew it would be good. I was impressed with all the choices they were offering (had all the HP books, Garth Nix, tons of Newbery winners, Magic Treehouse and Schoolbus, etc). E took forever choosing between some Magic Schoolbus books, a couple of Arthur books, and a Clifford book -- and then ended up taking a nf book about animals and their homes. She loves the illustrations, and honestly, that's how she chooses her books, at this point.

Today we find out who E's Kindergarten teacher will be. I'm hoping for the teacher D had, but I'm going to be positive, no matter what (because I want E to be excited). Besides, I know she'll get the best person for her...they have assessments the week before school officially begins, and I have a feeling E is already reading at end of K-beginning of 1st grade. That's fine, of course, except it means a lot more work for her teacher.

One of the other prizes for the Reading program was a free pass into Lakeside's kiddyland (a local and very run down amusement park). It expires on Thursday (and yes, we got the pass yesterday). I guess that means we're going tomorrow (*sigh*). It's supposed to be hot.

Because D read 24 hours more than he needed to for the program, I also got him a prize -- a small, handheld Guitar Hero game. It was a whopping $5 at Borders a month or so ago...D loves it. He hasn't stopped playing since he got it yesterday :)

Okay, so most of this was about reading...but hey, isn't that a huge part of life? (Well, it should be, hehe). Have a great Tuesday!
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