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Friday Five...

Laura Nelson: This is not true. It can't be. This has got to be the most hilarious rumor ever floated. Right?
Cindy Nelson: What are you talking about?
Laura Nelson: Last night, I hear everybody talking about how Keith has asked this girl out.
Cindy Nelson: No way.
Laura Nelson: Check it out. This girl is popular, she's beautiful... and obviously in the middle of some emotional shootout to consent to date the human tater tot. What did you do to her, Keith? Threaten her life?
Keith Nelson: I just asked her out.
Laura Nelson: Well, her boyfriend's a man, for Christ's sake.
Carol Nelson: Hey, hey, hey.
Laura Nelson: He's extensively easy on the eyes, he's a total buck, and you're - you're... Keith.
Carol Nelson: Is she nice?
Laura Nelson: Mother, the girl *is* sex.
Cindy Nelson: For God's sake, I'm eating!
Cliff Nelson: Glad you got time to think about the girls. Between the girls and your art kick, you have no time for anything important. You'll be dead and buried before you get off your butt and apply to a college.
Laura Nelson: Ease up, Dad. Any fool can get into a college. Only a precious few may say the same about Amanda Jones. Am I wrong? ...RIP, John Hughes

2. We're off to Splash today (with probably most of Golden, seeing as yesterday it hailed, yet again...though not here, heh).

3. Started the newest Todd Strasser last night -- it's good! (If you haven't already, you should read The Wave -- I made my students read it every year -- great book about history and conforming and not being a sheep.)

4. DH is leaving for a boys' weekend today...sadly, not with our boy -- men only (fishing, darts, drinking, and eating) -- so I'm on mommy duty alone.

5. Chocolate, anyone?

Happy weekend!
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