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The why of it all...

As I work on my current ms, I'm plagued by thoughts of why I'm driven to write about certain things. Obviously I write about what interests me -- otherwise, why bother? I also write about things I would personally read, of course. My last book, which I definitely see as the most commercial of all my books to date, is pleasing to me. I'm happy with it and with the possibilities for a sequel.

So how did I choose that topic? Well, I've always loved anything to do with WWII. There are so many ebbs and flows of life and motive and darkness and light in that time period -- and rather than being hidden, most of them are right there, on the surface where anyone can see them. But I also like subtle mom and I were talking about this today. I don't want to write obvious books, novels with ideas that are predictable and common - fashionable. I like the thoughts that are hinted at, those right under the skin -- the glint in the character's eyes.

My current wip is about women and their roles in the '50s in America. Fascinating topic to me...especially when I research and see how many of these women supposedly were quite happy to allow society to dictate their life's course. I am not that way. I never have been. Being me, I'm also adding a character who is accused of 'passing'. He has one AFrican grandparent -- he's British, and in Europe, the complicated platforms Americans take on race generally don't exist. So he's stunned when he realizes that because he doesn't display a picture of his grandmother he can be accused of such things. I'm interested to see what happens....

The question is, are there any teens out there who will want to read any of this?
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