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Free Vent Day (1&1, 1and1 sucks)...

I've had the worst morning -- well, it probably could have been worse, but it seemed bad.

Let me start by saying, I have recommended 1&1 (1and1) internet hosting services before: Never Again!

Long story short -- they locked our account without informing us; they sent our account to collections without informing us (and the amount the sent was for future services which have not been rendered); when we attempted to pay collections, they mislead us and applied the money we sent to a different account (one I had a few years ago, which was also sent to collections without my awareness -- I just found out today that they'd done this -- we never received a single notification); now we're being forced to pay the other account (the amount they claim we owe for services not yet rendered) plus an additional $20 in order to get collections off our back (and to save DH's credit score, since all this is under his name).

Now that we're going through this, I did some extensive googling and discovered that over 10,000 complaints have been filed on 1&1 (1and1) with the BBB. They are being sued in a number of states (though not here, from what I could discover), and every person who's complained about them has mentioned that they were never notified when their account was suspended and sent to collections.


Okay, I do feel better having yelled :)

So this is Free Vent Day -- if you are being screwed over in some way, or if you're just dealing with frustration and need a cleansing vent/yell, come on over! I'm listening :) And I'll give out calming cyber-chocolate and many hugs in return.
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