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Middling on being introverted in an extroverted world...

Isn't it interesting? I'm thinking about this today not so much because of my own life (which has found some decent balance), but because of my daughter. I'm getting the feeling she will also be a pretty strong introvert. I could be wrong, of course -- she's only 5.

Take today, however. She had her Kindergarten orientation. She's very excited about Kindergarten -- she wishes it was Monday already :) She has a new-to-the-school teacher (kind of -- the teacher started last year in a different grade), and she couldn't wait to meet her. But when the time came to actually meet her teacher, she clung to me and wouldn't even look at the woman. A bit later, E was reading books to me, and when her teacher came up and started to listen, E hid behind her book, her voice going inaudible.

My good friend, with whom we do many activities (and have for three years now), told me today that last week, E wouldn't talk to her in the pool locker room. My friend was trying to help E while I helped D, but E wouldn't even let her near her.

So, I wonder how to encourage E to relax a bit when she's not with me. Even with me there, she can be extremely shy (especially in new situations -- or noisy/loud/crowded circumstances). Without me, she fades into the background...which doesn't get you far in this extroverted (here I am, see me) world.

I was not this kind of introvert. I have no problem talking to strangers or even large groups. Attention doesn't bother me (unless, of course, it's for negative reasons). I wanted my teachers to know what I could do...I'm not sure E cares if they know. I think she's a shy introvert, whereas I'm a very not-shy introvert. How do shy introverts make their way? Any thoughts?
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