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Weekend Roundup...

First day of school has arrived! E handled it pretty well, alternating between giggly anticipation and trembly nerves. D, of course, was excited but calm.

Yesterday, we cleaned. (Yep, it was that thrilling.)

D got to go swimming with his best friend (a girl) from school on Saturday. E complained (whined) that she should get to do something 'special' too. I told her that she would have friends from school eventually too -- and until, if she wanted to whine, her special treat would be time in her room. (I felt bad, but the whininess has gotten especially awful lately.)

I managed to get a ton of work done on my website (Family Fun) on Saturday (because DH had the kiddos until he had to leave -- see below) -- and my other website (author) is back up and running...however, we're cancelling our contract with them because of all the crappola which went down the past few months. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do next with that...sigh.

DH went mtn biking in Monarch Sunday (which mean he left Saturday and stayed the night, as it's a bit of a drive). Last night, though, we all went to my FIL's for dinner -- he's a good cook, and it was delicious! (Chicken Marsala, pesto pasta, garlic green beans, and homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert)

Now we're off and running -- Have a great last week of August!
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