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Thankful for...

...E's teacher, who is already aware that E's in the top reading group and has found two others to join her (yay) :D

...D's teacher, who understands his moodiness and perfectionism maybe better than I do

...the gym, where I sweated more than I have in a long time (while reading a good story, to boot)

...our friends -- both those who are joining us for camping this weekend, and those who aren't (since I have a hard time dealing with their bratty child) MIL's salad dressing recipe, which I love so much that it inspires me to make salad a much bigger part of our diet (and it's not dairy-based, so it's actually better for us)

...a week from today, when there's a special night of SYTYCD (and the top routines of the past five seasons)

...autumn, which is almost here (probably closer than past years at this time, judging by the leaves which are already lightening up around the edges)

...and many other things, which all seem to be summed up in the sunshine and gentle breeze, the quiet whisper of leaves outside the window (combined with E's sweet talking as she does some 'special' worksheets)
Tags: finding thanks
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