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Five on Friday...

1. Had my first run-in with a rattlesnake this morning -- fortunately, it was very clear, right in front of me. Unfortunately, I couldn't get around I threw rocks at him (I have terrible aim, so there was no chance of hurting the guy), hoping to convince him to leave. A couple minutes after I started this, another hiker appeared (with a dog NOT on a leash -- think she learned that lesson quickly when I shouted out a warning), and she also pelted with rocks. After maybe 15 minutes, the snake finally uncoiled and slithered off...and we all went on our way ;)

2. Had another first today -- I bled all the way through my maxi pad! I'm thinking it might have had something to do with the adrenaline from the snake encounter and the run down the hillside after that (I don't always jog during my flow)...but it was still a little freaky (and made a lovely mess, sigh). Now it seems to be back to normal.

3. This weekend will be our last camping trip of the year -- I'm not really excited about it (I'm worried I'm going to freeze, truth be told -- plus, I haven't been sleeping well, and since I never get much sleep while camping...well, it's more of a chore, at this point). The kids, however, are quite excited -- both shared about it at school, and they can't wait! So, it will be fun to see them having fun :)

4. My MIL is coming into town next week and having people over for dinner (at our house) -- another event I'm not looking forward to (especially since I'll be the one doing all the cleaning to make the house presentable first -- and probably all the kitchen cleaning after, though I did just mention it to him and he agreed to help). Shockingly, DH didn't even ask if I minded; he just told her it was all right. *sigh*

5. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, at the moment. I know things will settle down before too long, and I'll feel more in control -- but as so many of you know, being a mom (a parent, period) and trying to work (even part-time, let alone full-time) and trying to do anything else...I could really use a vacation! :)

So here's hoping for just what we all need...coming our way soon! Happy weekend, all.
Tags: family, life, needing thanks
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