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Buried in the snow...

When I was little, I loved snow days! Now that I have little kids, they're not quite the same. Even to play in the wno, they need help -- and they seem to be more susceptible to the cold than I remember being. Oh, well. This is what we woke up to this morning:

I suggested to DH that he take the kids out and build a snowman while I clean the upstairs...he's opting for the store, instead. Even though the roads are AWFUL -- DS's piano lesson was cancelled this morning. My brother is his teacher, and his studio is 30 minutes away on a normal day. He said it would take us closer to an hour (or more) -- plus -- and isn't this sweet -- he didn't want his sister and nephew out in this :)

I'd love to curl up on the couch with my wonderful laptop and write, write, write...sigh. Instead, I'll clean and hope that it lets up in time for us to go to the Halloween symphony concert tonight. It'll be DS's first symphony -- and we're all wearing costumes (including the members of the symphony)!
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