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Thanks for all the great computer vibes -- they're working! It was a long day yesterday (and poor DH was very stressed). The computer guy came to our house (didn't even know people did that, till now) and spent over an hour trying various things. In the end, he said it had to be the motherboard. *sigh* However, the good news is that he got the hard drive out and put it in my computer. So we were able to transfer everything from my computer (his hard drive) to the new computer. There are still some glitches, as these things go, but hopefully all will be well soon.

Until then, I have a headache (stress, I'm sure) and feel really tired (also part of the stress, I'm guessing). Urgh. BUT, I have my computer back (yay), and now hopefully I can begin to get things done :)

Happy mid-week!
Tags: computers, needing thanks
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