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The Winners!...

So I did this in reverse style, where I put all the names in a bag (and many got two entries because of your great handselling), and then the last three I pulled won...and they are:

3rd place - Lauren laurenem6 (PM me with your top 6 choices of books from the picture below, numbered 1-6)
2nd place - Stirling stirlingbennett (PM me with your top 5 choices of books from the picture below, numbered 1-5)
1st place - Kathy kathys_shadow (PM me with your top 3 choices of books from the picture below)

Thanks for participating -- I have some great books to look for now :D Don't forget, I'll be listing all the ARCs I've read this month (which I'm giving away) in October -- up for grabs if you're willing to pay postage :)
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