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Robin's random thoughts...

1. If I'd made that movie meme, it would've read so differently...makes me think of my ten favorite movies, those I turn to when I'm discouraged/depressed/mellow: APOLLO 13; INDEPENDENCE DAY; DAY AFTER TOMORROW; SENSE & SENSIBILITY; PRIDE & PREJUDICE; DANCE WITH ME; MIRROR HAS TWO FACES; AMERICAN PRESIDENT; YOU'VE GOT MAIL; STRICTLY BALLROOM. What are some of yours?

2. The waiting goes on. I sent a status report to Jennifer Weltz -- it's been just over two months, and I'm starting to wonder if she ever got it in the first place.

3. The waiting continues for Carolrhoda, as well. That one's a little different because I never expected to be in it for this long, so part of me thinks I won't be 'chosen'...therefore I'm just honored to be in the final few.

4. And the last waiting game -- well, two of the last. Waiting for NC, even though she's only had it 3 weeks...and waiting for about ten other queries -- are they ever going to respond?

5. Most people can come up with ten thoughts, but I'm simple -- I'll stick to five. My last thought: NaNoWriMo is going well. I'm enjoying the sequel so far, although I'm trying to figure out who I want the mc to end up guy is she truly more suited to? Isn't it fun to play god with their lives?

Have a happy weekend -- and here's to somebody hearing some good news somewhere :D
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