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Tolle Tuesday...

Enjoying a migraine today (thought maybe if I used a positive word, I wouldn't feel so crappy...didn't quite work). Anyway, it's a good day for some Tolle...

While [your] child is having a pain-body attack, there isn't much you can do except to stay present so that you are not drawn into an emotional reaction...don't buy into the drama. Don't take it too seriously...Otherwise, the child will learn: 'The more unhappy I become, the more likely I am to get what I want.'

This seemed apropos today as we've had some interesting kid behavior around here lately. E's is usually whinging and complaining. D's is frustration because life isn't falling into place like he wants it to. And both DH and I are struggling with serious annoyance, so we're not helping. I need this reminder that the best thing I can do to help is to remain calm and removed. Don't react emotionally -- avoid adding any drama. This is hardest for me when D's having a melt-down with piano...honestly, it makes me want to throw things (breakable things). So for today, I'm going to try and avoid the drama (it's actually a little bit easier when I'm in pain, because I can't handle anymore, perhaps).

How do you avoid the drama, not only with kiddos, but with spouses (this could totally apply to them too, don't you think?)?
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