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Friday Five...

1. It's supposed to warm up around here, just in time for the weekend -- we'll take that!

2. Yes, I started with the Anyway, it's been a rough week for my head (migraine M-T; tension headache yesterday), but it seems to be over now. Thank goodness!

3. E has a field trip today -- she's over-the-moon excited :D D has field day...busy day.

4. I've been writing scenes in my head -- how come it's so much easier to do there??

5. I got some pix of aspens and snow yesterday, but I'm nervous to look at them...I don't think they'll live up to my hopes.

Silly stuff for a Friday, really, but I'm very happy we made it through the week! What was your biggest accomplishment this week?

ETA: Almost forgot Autumn pic...
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