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Friday Five...

1. shaelise is in town today, and I get to see her! It's been one year and nine months since she left, and to say I've missed her is an understatement :)

2. I've been remiss in posting autumn pix -- here are a couple to make up for that:

(I love these trees...I need to look their species, but they turn from the underneath first, and there are times when the tree has reds, yellows, and greens all at once -- gorgeous!)

(I took E on a hike along my hiking/jogging trail on Weds and got some pix at the same time -- and she collected leaves -- probably close to 100, all lying on the path, so we didn't pick any.)

(I don't know what these are, either, but man, they were so gorgeous in the sun like that!)

5. Busy day today, but I'm glad it's Friday :) Hope it's a glorious fall weekend for everyone!
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