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Middling on balance...

I can always tell when I'm feeling frazzled and overworked, because I start to daydream about balance when I'm at the gym. Today is one of those days. Actually, it's been this way since school began, and I've felt constantly off-kilter trying to handled everything on my plate. Today I added working in D's classroom to my weekly task list, and although I love being there again (they're really a great group of kiddos), I'm also wondering if I'm crazy to add this!

Crazy or not, I think I'm committed (possibly in every sense of the word) now.


As always, I think about this in writing too (and reading). Finding that perfect balance between plot and character, between tension and release -- it's a fine line. I have a writing friend (she's not on LJ) whose stories always have amazing characterization...but the plot limps along. Even when she tries to add tension, it doesn't pan out. My own strengths lie more on the plot side, which means, of course, that I struggle digging deeply enough into my characters.

shaelise and I discussed this last Friday, when we got to visit in person (for the first time in a year and a half) -- I told her that, for me, it's hard to have emotional characters (main characters, especially) because I'm just not like that. I'm very private. I'll share certain things, but I don't do vulnerable very well. And of course, the MC has to be quite vulnerable (especially in first person). A work in progress...

My current WIP is all about love -- about two people discovering that they complement each other, that they need each other. I'm going to have to figure out how to open them up, how to show their vulnerabilities.

Balance...what do you think about balance today?
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