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Weekend Roundup...

It was cold and snowy this weekend -- we kind of felt like we'd stepped into the weather twilight zone! Usually our Octobers are pretty hot and dry (until Halloween, when it tends to be icy cold for trick-or-treating).

We went and had Chinese as a family (yum) and then went bowling (with some free bowling coupons the kids got from the library reading program this summer). They had bumpers out for the kids, and I must say, it greatly improved my game, as well (hehe) -- I'm a horrible bowler, but I actually broke 100 (barely) with that help.

I'm at 28.6K on my WIP (yay for writing time), and we cleaned bathrooms and finished laundry yesterday (um, I started the laundry on Weds, and yes, it's pathetic that it takes me four days to do laundry).

My FIL came over for a bit last night while DH went to the Rockies' play-off game (it was really cold -- below freezing). And the Rockies lost (sigh).

But now, it's Monday morning and the sun is out! The temps are more like January, but at least we have leaves on the trees (though they're mostly brown, as the cold weather sucked the colors from them). Here's a pic for memories of fall (ha):

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