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Weekend Roundup...

The kiddos didn't have school on Friday, but DH's aunt took them for most of the day...interestingly, I got even less done than usual (partly because I helped DH get ready for his Moab biking trip).

My parents took the kids Saturday mid-afternoon and kept them overnight. Despite the piles of work waiting for me, I did nothing except read and crochet (Melodye, I've started over on my 'dummy' piece -- I didn't like the way the other one was turning out -- but I should finish this one soon). I shut the kitty out of the room Saturday night, and I ended up getting my first night of 8 hours' sleep in a couple of weeks. It felt good!

Yesterday was balmy -- a typical October day in CO. *contented sigh* My parents brought the kiddos back around 1, which was perfect, because it gave me time to clean. Sadly, the wash is still undone (and multiplying). Then E went to the symphony with my FIL, and D went to a friend's house for a playdate -- which gave me time to...well, not do much, since I spent most of my time driving them in opposite directions. BUT, I did get one errand run.

I managed to get the needed work done with both kiddos home again...DH got home around 11. And now, it's back to the normalcy (as much as it ever is normal) of life.

Happy Monday!

Oh, and I added another, I 'wrote' the ending in my head, so I think I might just get this WIP finished this week! Yay! NaNo, here I come :)
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