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Middling on trying to find the good...

Two days ago, even though our fall was waning far too fast, we still had this:

And yes, D was outside, running and jumping with joy. Yesterday, all we got from him was tears and frustration. *sigh*

This morning, he seemed somewhat happier, but the weather looks like this:

They're saying we could get five inches -- seriously??? So, time to look for the good, in both of these situations. Yes, it looks like our autumn is basically over. But, it will come again next year. And before then, I know we'll see blue skies, warm breezes, crisp snow, breath clouds, bright green buds, radiant flower colors...the whole gamut. Seasons are here for a reason, I know.

With D, I'm going to trust the same thing. My mom, who is amazingly wise, reminded me that D's struggle with perfectionism (which is being compounded by a new teacher at school who doesn't quite know what she's doing), has a point, a purpose. She said, "Why don't you use this challenge as an opportunity to teach him how to perservere in the midst of struggle? Help him see that even though he's feeling like everything is falling apart, it really isn't. Show him how to seek the good in his own life."

Ah, of course. :) So, that's what I'm aiming to do today. One moment at a the snow gently falls outside my window.
Tags: finding thanks, kid worry, nature, needing thanks
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