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I got to see Olga Kern play Rachmaninoff last night. I've heard Piano Concerto #2 twice before in concert, but it was never like this. Her energy flowed through the entire building -- I felt like I was a part of the music, as if the notes and phrases tugged at my very soul.

And as I was swept away, I found the rest of my WIP, interestingly enough. Almost like the characters responded to the music and shared the rest of their story with me...just what I needed.

Here's the link to Rachmaninoff playing his own concerto. Obviously, it was recorded a while ago (1929), but if you'd like to hear it as the master himself conceived of it, it's worth a listen. I'd link to Olga playing it, but the only youtubes available are of her playing #3 -- and although that's also a lovely work, it simply doesn't have the power and depth of #2.

Happy Sunday, my friends.
Tags: finding thanks, musical wonder
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