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The snow is finally stopping -- we think. We have over two feet on the ground in most spots, but it looks like it's only spitting now. I like snow, but I'm not quite ready for winter yet.

I finished my first draft yesterday -- woot!! I'm so relieved...after the last book, which seemed to last forever, and although I technically 'finished' it, I hated the ending and couldn't find a better one -- I was beginning to wonder if finishing a book that I liked was impossible. But I love the ending of this one (though I'm going to have to add a bit, I know), and I'm itching to start revising (but trying to make myself wait a few days, at least) -- and I signed up for NaNo yesterday (I'm andracill there), so I'll continue with book two in just a couple of days.

Because I finished (yay), I'll be looking for readers in a couple weeks -- if you're interested and think you'll have the time, I'll be very grateful for insights. I like to return the favor too...:)

The kids are home again, so they're enjoying the different pace of things -- and I think DH is going to take them sledding soon, which means I might actually get some laundry done (not that it's crawling up the wall, or anything).

I've so enjoyed the pix of fall here and there -- and love seeing places which are different from CO, too, like the great forests of leaves which boreal_owl has been posting...if it can't be fall outside my window, it can still be colorful in my heart :)

Hope this Thursday finds you accomplished, warm, and blessed with nature's beauty.
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