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Friday Five...

1. The sun is out, the wind is blowing, and the roads are sheets of ice...a typical October day (not quite).

2. My mom reminded me that 12 years ago we had another blizzard-type condition during this October week -- my brother was giving his Masters' recital, and my cousins were flying in to hear him. They made it, but Pina Blvd was a mess, and although the recital still went on, it was cold and sparsely attended. It wasn't as bad as this blizzard, but it was still snow -- in October.

3. I took the kiddos to a haunted house last night. It was in their classmates' basement. D wasn't scared at all; E and her friends were quite frightened. No nightmares, though. The daughter is in D's grade; the son in E's class. It was fun to see all the 2nd/K kid groupings.

4. Halloween parties gallore, today! E's is in the morning, and D's is right before the end of the day. I'll be at both (as will E); I'm the yearbook person for my kids' classrooms. Hope I don't forget my camera!

5. I mentioned on FB but not here -- E and D both entered an art competition at school. It's put on by the district, and each year there's a different theme. We've not done it before, but I knew E would like it -- so D joined too. The theme was 'Beauty is...' -- and E moved on to districts! I think she's the only Kindergartener who did, and the judges didn't actually know her age (they're grouped in clusters -- K-2, 3-5, 6). It was tough for D, at first, to accept that his little sister did better than he did, but we've talked about how even Grammy (who's won a number of art competitions) still doesn't win every time. Here are my favorites of their entries -- which one do you think belongs to each?

Happy Halloween weekend!
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