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Weekend Roundup...

Mostly we did Halloween stuff ;) The parties at school took all day on Friday (with E's in the morning and D's in the afternoon). One of D's friends came and trick-or-treated with them -- she lives in the foothills, and they can't trick-or-treat up there (the houses are too far apart). The kiddos got tons of candy (which is way too tempting) -- and even with the extra hour of sleep, DH and I didn't get enough. We went to bed later than we should and didn't sleep well (sigh).

Anyway, I got off to a nice NaNo start yesterday (1964 words); I'm trying to get the next scene in my head so I can write for today. That's really the trick for me -- keeping the flow going in my mind and letting the ideas 'simmer' before I write them down. I know that most NaNo drafts are crappy, but I'm hoping to get a strong enough skeleton that I'll be able to revise without having to toss too much of it (ha!). Since I've written a couple of my books in a month or less, it should be possible. The ones which turned out to be strong, however, were not during, we'll see.

Thank you to those of you who helped with synopsis and title ideas yesterday. Two of the suggestions resonated the most -- so boreal_owl and annewriter can have their choices of books from the list -- OR you can wait for the next batch, if you prefer. I'm hoping to read another dozen or so (I'm getting behind) by then :) For anyone else, here's the list again:

Here are the books:
Tombstone Tea, by Joanne Dahme
The Unknowns, by Benedict Carey
The Cupcake Queen, by Heather Helper
The Devil's Kiss, by Sarwat Chadda
Eli the Good, by Silas House
The Demon King, by Cinda Williams Chima
Crash Into Me, by Albert Borris
Day of the Assassins, by Johnny O'Brien
Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have, by Allen Zadoff
Another Faust, by Daniel & Dina Nayeri
Jungle Crossing, by Sydney Salter

If you'd like any of these, PM me or leave them in the comments. If you'll pay for shipping, I'll send them to you! Once Barb and Anne have made their choices, the rest are up for grabs, so to speak.

Have a nice November Monday!
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