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1. Another ridiculously busy week -- I'd hoped life might settle down, but apparently, it's not meant to be.

2. I spent no fewer than 6 hours at the kiddos' school this week, spread out over three meetings and two days...I love being involved, but sometimes, it feels like that's all I do.

3. I had a great acupuncture appointment yesterday -- although everything was out of balance! Interestingly enough, my sugars were one of the only things NOT out of whack -- I told her it must be the copious amounts of Halloween candy I've been consuming ;)

4. After snow and cold (and the premature ending to fall), these past couple of days have been balmy and lovely -- I'll take it, even though all the leaves had to die first.

5. I'm about 8500 words into NaNo -- and I just realized yesterday that I'll be gone for 8 days around Thanksgiving. Um, I'm guessing I won't be winning this year -- but I'll get as far as I can, and be thankful that most of the first draft will be done.

Happy Friday, all!
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