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Middling on information...

I'm an information junkie. I don't know how I ever made it without the internet. Nowadays, the second I'm upset or curious about anything, I run to the computer and begin researching. It brings me a sense of calm and accomplishment -- and definitely peace.

brian_ohio mentioned recently that he thinks one of the reasons there are so many more people writing nowadays is because of the internet and how quickly we can research -- that is so true! Even three years ago, I would check out books from the library on the topics of my books. Today, I don't. I just look it up on the internet (of course, this could also be because I'm lazier today, hehe).

This works for my personal life, as well. If there's something on my mind, something bothering me, I'll even get up in the middle of the night and come check the internet for solutions. Seriously, what did I use to do? (I used to worry and get no sleep and worry some more, until I could get to the library.)

Thank goodness for the internet! :)
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