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  • Natural health I've only used this stuff once, but I couldn't believe how quickly it worked. It's called 'Rescue Remedy', and it's by Bach (the flower remedy people). I did some online research yesterday, and when I went to Vitamin Cottage to pick up some things, instead the woman who runs the vitamin section suggestion this stuff. I got the Kids' brand, but she said she uses the adult stuff -- and it's amazing (her words). It's an anti-anxiety, natural stress relief. Somehow, it counteracts the 'panic/stress' signals and just lets use calm down -- and it appears to work really well. I tried it with D yesterday, and I'm a believer ;)

  • Simple yoga...we're now going to do yoga for 10-20 minutes every afternoon that we're home. It helped me a ton yesterday -- this morning, for the first time in over a week, I woke feeling ready to go and positive (even though I didn't get any more sleep than I have been). We do easy kid yoga (which is all I can do, anyway -- I'm hopelessly inflexible).

  • Good friends...not only the support I get here, from so many of you -- but all my in-person friends. I'm meeting one of my close friends today for lunch, and even though E will be with us, I know it'll be a positive time for both of us :)

  • Families who care...even though they don't always agree with our ideas or plans for action, it's still nice to know that our parents care and support us and the kiddos.

  • never fails to bring peace/joy/calm to my heart.

    Happy Thursday!
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