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Ended up with a migraine today -- my first non-hormonal migraine in about 18 months. I dreamt I had a horrible headache, and when I woke up, I did! (Around 5 am, sadly)

Anyway, I think it was triggered by raw onions, interestingly enough. I haven't been able to eat raw onions for years, but I still cut them. However, I usually make DH do the cutting when the onion looks strong...last night, I just wasn't thinking. It was so strong I cried for over 30 minutes, and my eyes burned something fierce...and then the migraine. Fortunately, it's already almost gone (another reason I'm thinking it was food trigger -- my stress-related and hormonal are usually at least 20 hours long).

In good news, I'm around the halfway point in my revision -- woot! I powered through almost three hours of typing last night. Now I'm gearing up for the last half. My wonderful crit partners haven't read most of this, however, so it could take a little longer to work through the last part of the book.

I'm slowly catching up with everything I need to do this week -- I loved the break, of course, but coming back is always challenging. However, I still haven't typed up the minutes from a school meeting last month, and the next meeting is Friday (oops)....

Well, lots of random stuff today -- how's your Tuesday?
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