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Weekend Roundup...

A little late.

We spent the weekend cleaning, organizing, and then cleaning some more. My cousin arrived yesterday morning -- and can I just say that 1) I'm so thankful my kids aren't two anymore; and 2) I'm so glad I didn't have two two year olds at once?! Wow...they're well-behaved girls (for two-year olds), but just watching them and how much they still depend on my cousin and her husband was exhausting. I'm completely worn out.

The house is so quiet right now, and I think this is my favorite part of the visit (ha) -- my cousin left about twenty minutes ago. My kiddos have cleaned up the messes, and I'm finally going to have time to exercise and such -- thank goodness!

I haven't had time to read anything in days, but I'm hoping to catch up with everyone's holiday fun this afternoon -- till then, have a great Tuesday! (The second day of winter, true?)
Tags: family, life
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