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Random thoughts...

* It snowed again last night, but because it's sooooo cold (single digits?), we only got a couple of inches.

* We're hopefully headed up to my good friend's house today -- her daughter and D have known each other since their first year of pre-school -- and it was because of their friendship that O's mom and I met. Since she's now one of my dearest friends, I feel very blessed :) They live up the canyon, so they might have gotten more snow than we did...but the kiddos are crossing their fingers that it will still work out!

* We always spend Christmas Eve with my parents, so the kiddos are getting excited that it's only a day's nice to be past most of the prep and just get to enjoy it, isn't it?

* I hope your holiday season is also winding down to the most important parts -- those time with friends and family, enjoying the beauty of friendship and laughter and love and sharing...many HUGS to you all today!
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