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New Year's thoughts from Oklahoma...

We had some challenges (mostly D's issues)

we had some surprises (the appraisal market picking up -- and us having more money than we have since D was born)

we had some mixed blessings (camping in the rain, E in Kindergarten=more time for me but less time with her)

we traveled (Aspen, San Diego, Phoenix, Lawton, Moab -- just DH, Chicago -- just me)

we started new things (my website, DH's mortgage license)

but overall, 2009 was a year of moments...

moments where we learned to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces, to see a sea of gold on the hillside, to listen to the burbling waters or the song of the birds, to love, to learn, to laugh and cry, to hold...

to live.

I know 2010 will bring much of the same, and for that, I'm thankful.
Tags: family, finding thanks
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