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Time's a-flyin'...

I can't believe winter break is already over. As our break ends, so does the nicer weather -- although the sun shone through as we walked to the bus stop, the wind was already blowing in the storm, and now the dark clouds and icy flakes are falling...and tomorrow morning, they're predicting below zero temps (sigh).

It's hard starting out the new year feeling behind :/. The house is a disaster, and although I managed to get the tree down and put away yesterday, nothing else has been done. And now that school has begun again, those responsibilities are also beginning...ack!

Before I begin whinging in earnest, hehe, I'm trying to take some deep breaths and remember that each moment is valuable. *breathes*

Okay, better now. Off to get started on the pile of to-dos (including going to the gym, as I know I've gained weight during the days off when I had no time for any kind of exercise).

Hope your day is a good one!
Tags: life, needing thanks
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