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Thankful for...

the heat. It's so cold outside today, though the sun is shining :)

On the radio this morning, the DJs were talking about simple pleasures...and it made me think of a few, like a warm kitty purring on my lap, the sound of the wind whispering through the pines, the warmth of the sun on my face, aspen leaves dancing in the breeze, fresh sheets under my skin, a steaming hot shower, the first bite of a warm brownie, cold lemonade in the summer's heat, single tracks down a snowy mountain (for DH), waking up feeling rested, having nothing to do but read a good book...

What are some of your simple pleasures today?

(Aspen trunks...)

P.S. For those of you who requested books the other day, I put them all in the mail this morning -- enjoy!
Tags: finding thanks
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