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The best-laid plans...

Yesterday, I was tired and grumpy, so I decided I would make a serious effort to get to bed early -- and we did! Of course, I had some trouble getting to sleep (I think it was the wind -- whenever something changes and the wind comes through, it makes for difficulties sleeping, on my part), but I did finally drop off...only to be awakened by E, crying because her leg hurt.

I went in and massaged her leg for a bit, and then had to try and get to sleep again. I think I succeeded around midnight or so...until her little hand tapped my arm again at one am. This time, I had her crawl in with me and rubbed her leg. Then she said she wanted to sleep with me, and I was too tired to say no -- so I dozed fitfully (that's a very apt word, at times) until 2:30, when I finally sent her back to her room.

I had just fallen asleep again when another little tap, tap came -- 3:06. This time, I gave in and found some children's ibuprofen. I gave her a smaller dose than it suggested, suspecting it was mostly in her mind. I think she fell asleep right off, but I couldn't. It had to be after 4:30 when I finally got back to sleep -- and D got up at 6:59, waking me up.


The good news is that I'm too tired to be grouchy today ;) Um, any tips for growing pains out there?
Tags: kid worry, life
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