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Weekend Roundup...

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday, DH went skiing while the kids and I did a library run (that's always fun, isn't it?). D had a b-day party mid-afternoon, and then we went to a friends' house for an adult b-day party. There were tons of people there, and it's been so long since we've seen some of them that it was just a really good time. I think, last count, there were about 55 adults and 30 kids, and DH knew all of them. I knew most, though I spent the majority of the evening with a few of my closest friends.

What's interesting about these parties is not only the catching up and watching how the kiddos have grown, but the group dynamics are fascinating. At one point, all the men went outside to stand around the fire pit -- and the noise levels in the house dropped dramatically. One of DH's closest friends (he was DH's best man, in fact) has a new girlfriend -- a fiancee, now. She went to high school with all of us and was in our class -- but none of us women were friends with her. She was a cheerleader and in the popular crowd...and well, she might have been a b*tch. This is the first time (aside from a brief intro at a wedding last summer) that any of us have seen her, and it was...interesting.

I felt for her because it can't be easy coming into a situation like this one. All these guys have been friends for 30+ years now. Three of the wives (including me) also went to Pomona and graduated between '86 and '88. The first wedding in that group came in the late '90s. By the time DH and I attended the second wedding (summer of '98), all those relationships were beginning to be established. So here we are, 12+ years later, and we've all known each other from the onset of the relationships. It's a tight group -- and she had to walk into this situation, knowing that a number of us remember her from high school (with not-so-fond-memories, to boot). Did she help her cause? Hm...well, I chatted with her for a while (I initiated it). She was friendly enough, but I didn't see her talking with any other wives. She talked quite a bit with a couple of the husbands (she hung out with the jocks, of course, especially certain types of them -- DH not included). Most of the other wives told me they didn't like her already, and everyone was kind of whispering about how she didn't fit in and wasn't going to be a good thing for S, her fiance. *sigh*

Funny how some things don't really change, isn't it? You'd think we've all gotten beyond this stuff, but apparently not...I just hope, if S truly loves her, that she'll find a way to fit in -- because these guys need their friendships. They all use each other to unwind, and I think the long-term relationships bring a stability and peace to all of their lives that S will miss into his very core if she doesn't encourage him to continue.

Anyway...yesterday I had a bunch of online work to catch up with (since I kind of took Saturday off). I also watched ice skating -- and man, can I just say that I'm really excited about the US team's chances?? Jeremy Abbott, especially, just astonished me. I can honestly say I've never before seen a man skate and thought, "Wow, that was truly beautiful." And there are many male skaters out there who have some serious talent, but Abbott's skating in his long program was so lovely. I also liked Marai -- she ended up in second place, but I think she could be a threat...maybe ;) The dance team of Meryl and Eric(?) were exceptional -- if they skate like they did this weekend, I think they'll take gold.

I used to follow figure skating very closely. I was a huge Gordeeva and Grinkov fan, and even after he died, I still watched pairs skating like a true fanatic. In 2002, when Sale and Pelletier tied for gold, I was glued to the TV (well, aside from the pesky labor classes we were taking which always seemed to fall on the wrong nights). But in the past couple of years, I've simply had too much to do. Most of these kids are people I've never heard of -- so it was fun to watch and become excited again.

WEll, I've babbled enough -- happy Monday, all!
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