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Weekend Roundup...

  • I had a great time with jennifer_d_g on Saturday as we chatted and commiserated and celebrated (the three Cs?) the trials and joys of writing (mostly trials for us, but the joys of a few of our writer friends)

  • Before that, the kiddos and I joined some new friends (piano buddies) at Chuck E. Cheese's...not a huge fan of that place, but the kids had fun and I managed to get in a little conversation with the other mom amidst the chaos

  • I managed to do the basics of house-cleaning yesterday, and today I'm finishing up the's a good thing I have weekends once in a while, or nothing would ever get done

  • No writing...*sigh* However, I did get all my necessary online work done -- and I read Lisa Schroeder's latest book, Chasing Brooklyn, which is (no surprise) a lovely tale.

    Happy first week in February...the year's longest month. (No, that's not a typo.)
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