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We put E in full K for three days a week (they call this 3/4 time around here - 3 full days, 2 half) starting today. Our school allows you to sign up month by month, so we're giving it a try...and already, I'm liking it ;)

Of course, I haven't gotten much done today -- I had to drive the kiddos to school to pay for the three afternoons a week and then I went to the gym. DH was there, as well, taking a spin class, and when he finished, he discovered his car wouldn't start. So we spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted to do about it (we pushed it to the back of the parking lot, where it remains). It's 15 years old with almost 200K miles on we're not sure if it's worth fixing or if we should simply find another.

But now I'm home again and have just over four hours of freedom before both kids arrive back on the bus -- yep, I'm liking it :D I might even get some fresh words written today after I work.

Happy Tuesday!
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