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Random Tuesday murmurings...

  • It's been great having a few extra hours with E in full day T, W, and Th...but this week is crazy! D is in a musical at school, and he has two performances tomorrow. Thursday, of course, happens to be their Valentine's parties -- at two different times, I might add. And they don't have school on where did my extra hours go, anyway?

  • I've gotten a few very cool-looking ARCs in the mail -- and I'm also keeping on top of new releases at the library. I love when I have a ton of great books to read! (Oh, and right now I'm reading a book that's a few years old, but it's hysterical -- that's always nice too.)

  • I think having a website is fascinating. I went through a company which promises (well, within reason) that if you follow their steps in setting it up, your daily traffic will increase every month until you have up to 1000 visitors a day. I was pretty skeptical, but after 10 months, the traffic has steadily increased. I'm not close to 1000 yet, of course, but it's going up much more quickly than I thought it would. And I don't have to do much at amazes me.

  • My FIL is the latest family member to read one of my books. He heard my SIL and niece gushing about it and decided he wanted to try it. He was also very complimentary (which is always nice, though really, what could he say? "It sucked"? I don't think so). It's weird how they're now totally convinced I'll be published right when I'm wondering if I should just throw in the towel on all that...(not that I can stop writing, of course).

  • I'd forgotten how much a migraine skews my emotions. I hadn't had one in so long -- and the pre- and post-stuff is a mess too. Today, I feel like a whole new person, which is a relief. Even after a billion migraines (well, that might be an exaggeration), you'd think I'd know by now how much it drags me down! (And that the sun will shine again once it's gone.)

  • I think both kiddos might end up as singers. D's always been very good, but I heard E singing with him yesterday, and even though she didn't know the song, she was able to match his pitch and follow along. Interestingly, one of D's friends was over last week, and they wanted to sing their musical songs with the CD -- and she couldn't even approach the actual pitches. I think their music teacher is a brave woman, taking all this on!

    Well, that's all the babble I can think of at the moment...happy Tuesday!
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